When Paul’s Boys Met Edward’s Boys

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June 25, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
St Paul’s Cathedral, OBE Chapel
June 26, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

Edward’s Boys

Tristan Barford
Ben Clarke
Felix Crabtree
Ewan Craig
Jyan Dutton
Abhi Gowda
Will Groves
Adam Hardy
Jack Hawkins
Jacob Hoban
Dom Howden
Tom Howitt
Nick Jones
Ted Jowett
Felix Kerrison-Adams
Tom Lewis
Jamie Mitchell
Ritvick Nagar
Nilay Sah
Seb Steven
Johan Valiaparambil
Pascal Vogiaridis
Yiannis Vogiaridis
Charlie Waters

Paul’s Boys

Oscar Curtis
Hugh Davies
Isaac Dutson
Lucas Emmott
Ndiana Essien
George Kirby
Benjamin Irvine-Capel
Kasper Lootens
Hugh O’Donnell
James Porter
Sebastian Tsang


Production Teams

Costumes Edward’s Boys; Early Drama in Oxford

Make-up and Wigs Brenda Leedham; the Company

Props David Troughton; Emma Benton; the Company

Lighting John Cherry; Jyan Dutton; Dom Howden

Stage Manager Emma Benton

Musicians Sam Bridges; and members of the Company

Production Suzie Vogiaridis

Marketing Joe Herbert; Amaryllis Barton

Filming Josh Boddington

Programme  Emily Taylor

Movement Struan Leslie

Scenic Design and Poster         David Troughton

Musical Direction Andrew Carwood

Director        Perry Mills

This project was the brainchild of Canon Michael Hampel, Precentor, St Paul’s Cathedral. Without his vision, clear-sightedness, drive, and tact none of this would have happened. These performances are offered in gratitude.


When Paul’s Boys Met Edward’s Boys

Running Order

The Woman in the Moon – John Lyly. c.1590.

After the Prologus, Nature, the presiding deity, creates Pandora, the perfect woman. The seven planets express their displeasure.

Gloria – John Merbecke

With Heart and Mouth – Thomas Ravenscroft

Mother Bombie – John Lyly. c.1587.

A young boy comes to court an attractive young girl only to discover – to his horror – she is dim-witted!

Sing We Now Merrily – Thomas Morley

Westward Ho! – Thomas Dekker and John Webster. 1604.

A smug husband demands a report from his wife’s tutor on her handwriting skills, unaware that the tutor is his wife’s lover in disguise (inevitably).

Lord in thy wrath correct me not – William Byrd

Springtime mant’leth every bough – Thomas Morley

Summer’s Last Will and Testament – Thomas Nashe. 1592.

‘Spring, the sweet Spring’

Ver (Spring) provides Summer with an impassioned defence of his spendthrift lifestyle.

Poetaster – Ben Jonson. 1601.

A different take on the ‘Balcony Scene’; this one between the banished Ovid who takes his leave of his love Julia.

Galatea – John Lyly. c.1585

Every five years the most beautiful female virgin in a Humberside village is offered as a sacrifice. Tied to a tree, she awaits her inevitable death at the hands of the terrifying monster, Agar.

Summer’s Last Will and Testament – Thomas Nashe. 1592.

Adieu, Farewell – Sam Bridges

Litany – Plainsong

Antonio’s Revenge – John Marston. c.1600.

Antonio takes his revenge on his enemy, Duke Piero, by means of the Duke’s son, young Julio.

Miraculous Love’s Wounding – Thomas Morley

A Chaste Maid in Cheapside – Thomas Middleton. 1613.

Touchwood Senior assists Sir Oliver and Lady Kix in their pursuit of an heir – in different ways.

Go, Crystal Tears – John Dowland

Dido Queen of Carthage – Christopher Marlowe. 1586.

Bereft after the flight of Aeneas, Dido chooses self-immolation.

Old Abram Brown – Benjamin Britten